Your Quick Travel Guide To Sofia – A Dynamic City

Bulgaria’s capital has boomed in recent years. Not, at this point, the staid, somber spot of communist times, is currently a youthful, vital city with a lot to offer its visitors. Sofia’s history under Soviet guidelines is obviously noticeable in large numbers of its buildings. Generally, most apparent in the neo-traditional Stalinist architecture in the downtown area and the block-housing in suburbia. 

Coming in from outside Sofia for the first time is interesting and can be a mood-zapping experience, but dive further and the austere style of architecture is softened by the lavish neo-Byzantine Orthodox churches, dazzling Ottoman Mosques, fine balconied buildings, and attractive tree-lined streets. 

It’s a refined city with museums, art galleries, great cafés, and theaters in addition to a lot of five-star hotels and some noteworthy shopping. It’s also reduced and walkable, and time spent wandering around its roads gives you a genuine taste of east-meets-west. In short, we can say that this place will definitely blow your mind and boost your curiosity to go there this upcoming vacation and start exploring. So, let’s proceed and see what special about this city and learn the things that you should know before going there.

Reasons why you should go?

Book a trip to Sofia to unwind up in a quiet and unwind city. The design & architecture in Sofia is both unbelievably interesting and great. There are lots of good bars and cafés and the view around the capital is really dazzling. It has some brilliant parks and its compactness makes it possible to explore the city on foot. In addition, this city has much more to offer and that really makes your holiday trip amazing and unforgettable.

Best time to go? 

Temperatures in Sofia generally tend to be cooler than in different parts of Bulgaria in summer because of the great height of the valley where it is situated. However, during the hottest months of July and August, Sofia temperatures still routinely hit 35ºC. Late spring and early autumn are lovely times to visit when the climate is gentle and flights are less expensive than in the cold of winter when the skiers come flocking in.

How to arrive there? 

Non-stop flights are accessible from London Gatwick, London Heathrow, and Manchester to Sofia Airport, situated about 10km from the downtown area. Qatar Airways and Lufthansa operate service to reach there. If you are looking for the cheapest way to go there. You can visit the qatar airways official website and book flight tickets online and save up to 35% off on every booking to Sofia or any other destination where you want to fly.

However, taxis at the air terminal are regulated and only the OK Taxi company is officially permitted to service at the airport. Use them – the rest of the cabs promoting for business will overcharge you.

Must-see places

Eat at Sasa Sushi on the 20th floor of the Hemus Hotel. The views are great, the restaurant is very nicely designed, and the food is delicious. Visit the very impressive Alexander Nevski cathedral building and afterward hop to the flea market out in front. 

On the other hand, you can go to the Rila Monastery. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the chapel and art are genuinely capturing. It’s possible to do the outing via tram and bus,  far simpler to recruit a car or take a visit if time is short. This city has many more to offer. So, pack your bags and plan your getaway to go there, and start enjoying yourself over there.

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In the Nutshell

Hopefully, you enjoyed it while reading the above article. It will encourage you to visit there this upcoming vacation. So, just start planning for your next getaway and visit AirlinesMap and compare prices with thousands of sites and book a cheap flight ticket to Sofia. Also, grab some amazing and unpublished offers and save up to 40% off on each booking. So, why wait? Get your flight booking done and surprise your family or friends with a wonderful trip and start enjoying it over there. So, do not forget to share your own personal experience with us. So that, it will encourage other travelers to plan their getaway as you do.

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