What is Inverter Technology in Washing Machines?

Due to the economic slowdown in 2020, the anticipated growth in the washing machine segment, like most other appliances, has been affected. However, with the launch of new technologies and budding ecommerce sites, the popularity of top load washing machines has remained intact. 

Amidst all the modern specifications, the inverter technology has garnered popularity owing to the fact that it propagates energy efficiency. With this technology, consumers not only get to save extensively on electricity bills but also enjoy improved functionality. 

Following is a look at what this particular technology entails and what makes it beneficial.

Inverter technology in washing machines

Unlike ordinary washing machines that run at the same speed no matter the load added to them, washers equipped with inverter technology function optimally even at maximum capacity. Additionally, the technology ensures that the speed of the motor stays in sync with the machine load and consequently balances the energy efficiency as well. 

Premium models like LG washing machines are equipped with this particular feature where the users get to save electricity. It prevents the machine from power wastage by running at an optimum speed depending on the load inside your washer. 

Benefits of inverter technology in washing machines

Inverter technology makes sure that the power consumption gets decided on the basis of the load your machine is carrying. With regards to that, there are some specific advantages this technology offers. These include,

  • Energy conservation: It inevitably conserves a significant amount of power since the function depends on the load inside the machine. 
  • Less maintenance: These top load washing machines have a self-operating system which does not require users to perform certain maintenance tasks on a regular basis. 
  • Noise-cancelling feature: The motor produces less friction because of the latest process, and it automatically allows the washing machine to produce minimal noise while running.
  • Extensive warranty: Most of the top load machines that are equipped with inverter technology, come with a high warranty feature. The efficiency is a bonus here which further lets you choose your favourite product accordingly. 

Following are two products equipped with the inverter technology feature for prospective buyers to consider.  

  • LG 6.5 kg inverter fully-automatic washing machine 

As a fully-automatic top load washing machine, this particular model features 6.5 kg capacity, which is adequate for a nuclear family. With 10 years of manufacturer warranty on the motor, the model seems suitable for individuals, looking for a durable option. This particular LG washing machine is furnished with inverter technology and is extremely energy efficient. 

  • Samsung 6.2 kg fully-automatic washing machine 

This fully-automatic washing machine comes with 6.2 kg capacity and stands out for its water efficiency and wash quality. In terms of the manufacturer warranty, this one also offers 10 years, along with higher spin speeds of 680 rpm, ensuring faster drying.  

With a host of features available in these products, their price range automatically goes upwards. However, individuals can utilise their Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to handle such high-value purchases through benefits like flexible tenor, pre-sanctioned credit limit up to Rs.2 lakh, alongside no-cost EMI facility. Checking through the partnered stores can also help buyers access a wider range of products. When it comes to inverter technology-based top load washing machines, consumers should be aware of all the functionalities before making a purchase decision.

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