What does one Have to Learn to Become a Web Designer?

To become an expert Website Designer or developer, one should have depth knowledge of both Back End and Front End  Web Development  

  1. What to learn for Front End Design?
  2. First we start with Front End Designing.

Front End Web Design:

As the name suggests, Front End Web Design deals with the front, that is, from the part that is visible to the user.

When we open any website, whatever comes in front of us is the work of a front-end designer. With Front End Web Designing, our aim is not only to make the website beautiful, through web designing, we also have to keep in mind what things are connected where so that the visitors coming to our website do not have any problem.

If we compare it with a car, then the job of the front-end designer is to make the car beautiful, for learning and advanced website designing you need to join a web design and development course it has nothing to do with the engine of the car, the battery engine inside the car is the work of the back-end developer.

Back End Web Developer

The web developer makes up the mind of the website, such as if someone fills the form on the website, then to whom should he reach, if someone enters the ID/password, then which profile should be opened from such things.

The work of the Back End Developer is not visible to the visitor, but without development, a good website cannot be made. 

Photoshop Basics:

Just like we first make a map from architecture to building a house, in the same way before designing a website, we should have an idea of ​​what the website will look like. Many people design the entire website very carefully on Photoshop, but those who are experts do Photoshop just to make a blueprint or prototype.


HTML means HyperText Markup Language. HTML is a markup language used to create the structure of a website. HTML is a coding language. Learning HTML is very easy. with the help of HTML, you can create a simple static website.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. HTML is used to give structure to our website and on the other hand, CSS is used to design the structure made of our HTML, it is used to give style to our design.


Here we start programming completely. CSS / HTML makes our website, without JS an interactive and beautiful web page that can’t be ready. By interactive I mean like you click on the Friend request icon above on Facebook, then a drop-down opens at the bottom. JavaScript detects what action the user has done on your website and changes the design according to that action. When images are moving above on a website, then JavaScript rotates them.

CSS and HTML together can make a very interactive static website. If you just learned Photoshop, HTML, and CSS, then you can find a job in an IT company and make a good website.

What to learn for Front End Design?

With HTML / CSS / JS you can create a static website, you cannot create features like hum database entry, login, register in a static website.


Although many languages ​​can be run on the backend, PHP is the easiest to learn initially. PHP is very powerful and every feature can be performed by it. Facebook was built on PHP itself.

Learning PHP is also beneficial because with this we can make a website for less money. With this we can also learn to do website design on WordPress, most websites and blogs in the world are built on WordPress, so learning PHP will make it easier for you to create WordPress.


When we create ID on Facebook or watch videos on YouTube. So where all this data is stored is called Data Base. The most used data is MySQL, after learning it, you can also store the data of people on your website.

Where to start?

Many people ask this question, today I will tell you to step by step what to do.

  • Start learning HTML.
  • Simultaneously learn the basics of Photoshop, there is no need to go too advanced in Photoshop. You should just come.
  • When you start working in HTML, then you have started learning CSS.
  • Create something every day using HTML / CSS.
  • After learning HTML/CSS well, start learning JavaScript. Karo
  • Know the basics of JavaScript.
  • Then start PHP, and try building some projects.
  • Learn how to make websites on WordPress.
  • Join a advanced web design course in delhi which able to trained you with the latest updates and skills
  • Now make any simple project using PHP and DataBase together. After doing all this, you will become a good level web design. After having so much skill, you can earn money in dollars by doing freelance words on the Internet. Or you can apply for a job in a good company.
  • Web Designing is such a skill that will be in great demand in the coming times. Efforts will be made to go to the expert level. But only poverty is written in life for those who are afraid of hard work.

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