Top Tips to Assess the Quality of a Cotton Shirt

You must buy high-quality clothing to make a sustainable and long-lasting closet. And to create such a closet, you should be capable of judging the fabric quality. Many differences are there between well-made Cotton Shirts and fashion outfits. Hence, you should know how a high-quality cotton shirt differs from other clothing and how you can identify a cotton shirt’s quality before purchasing.

Features of High-Quality Cotton Shirts

Cotton Shirts

Before learning about how to judge cotton shirts’ quality, you should know the characteristics that define the quality of cotton clothing.

1. Resistance – Even after several washes, good-quality cotton clothing must not twist, shrink, or wear out.

2. Longevity – Good-quality cotton clothing must last longer than only a few months.

3. Drape – People like cotton fabric due to its natural drape that is used for designing flattering outfits.

5. Style – People buy cotton Shirts Online with an expectation of not just good quality but also the style statement those outfits offer.

6. Comfort – Cotton fabric feels good on the skin.

7. Sustainability – Good-quality cotton shirts are sustainable than any other clothing.

Factors to Assess the Quality of Cotton Shirts

Here are some factors that decide the quality of cotton shirts:

1. Breathability, Softness, and Durability

Cotton is a popular fabric due to its cost-effectiveness, versatility, and comfort. When a cotton shirt is of good quality, it is durable, soft, and breathable also. Finely made cotton shirts help you avoid unpleasant sweaty feelings.

2. First Impressions

Most people assess clothing by the first impression. Just a few people take more time for taking a comprehensive look at the fabric quality. You must see the outfit as a whole: for instance, an amazing finish has no importance in case the fabric is not good quality and vice versa.

3. The Light Test (Optics)

By holding a cotton shirt against light, you can judge its quality. Very thin fabric must also not seem completely transparent. In case the fabric gets much light through, it signifies that it’s not woven or knitted very densely and is hence will wear out and lose its shape very soon.

4. The Tactility Test (Haptic)

You can simply understand the cotton’s quality by its touch. Cotton fabrics produced from 100% ELS or minutely combed cotton feel almost silky and smooth. Cost-effective cotton shirts lack this softness. So, always remember to check the product description on a website while shopping for shirts online.

5. Finishing


As cotton is spun for producing yarn, you can easily check the separate threads. These must be even and do not showcase any gape. All you need to see is a regular seamless row pattern.

Final Words

While buying cotton shirts online, you should depend on the product description. So, if a brand does not describe their products’ specs in detail, you should not purchase from them, considering that the cotton fabric is of poor quality.

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