The Ultimate Guide to Holding the Best Summer Wedding in 2021

People prefer weddings in winter because it has a lot less hassle. There is no sweat, no making sure that the dress is ‘breezy’ enough. Besides, it is generally tougher to ace a summer wedding. But wedding planners believe that if you think so then you’ve been doing it all wrong.

MBM, a fashion brand that offers the best Pakistani luxury pret outfits, believes so too. In fact, the other top fashion brands that have luxury pret ready to wear. Summer weddings can be your best chance to ace bright colors and amazing outfits. Besides that, there is so much with respect to food that you can enjoy. Keeping a Pakistani wedding in mind, we have brought you the best tips for a summer wedding. 

Since Pakistan is generally a very hot country, pulling a summer wedding here can be hard. So, let’s dive into the tips that can help you make your guests think otherwise:

1. Try to Offer Your Guests With Complimentary Stuff That Keeps Them Comfortable!

You can offer your customers with stuff that they can use at the wedding. In 2021, increasingly more Pakistanis are going for outdoor weddings. That too, in daytime. 

If you decide to hold such a wedding, you must hand out complimentary stuff. This stuff can include sunglasses, fans, parasols, and some treats. In Pakistan, these treats are also called ‘bidh’. Small packets filled with candies and dry fruits are given out. You can have anything distributed through these small packets of happiness. After all, it’s your wedding, you get to decide.

In summers, you can put minted candies added to the bidh to keep your guests refreshed.

You can get more creative with your bidh packets if you want. Adding things like sunglasses and fans can make them even more special. And comfy!

2. In the Menu, Make Sure that You Offer Refreshing Drinks!

If you are a Pakistani, you must be aware of the scorching heat that visits us every summer. Now, if you are planning a wedding in this scorching heat, you must think about the guests. You surely don’t want them to die from dehydration, or do you? (lol!).

So, making sure that your wedding menu has drinks, so your guests are comfortable. After all, you want your wedding day to be memorable. It sure as hell would not be memorable if you spot your customers dying with heat. 

Therefore, make your wedding memorable for your guests with the best drinks on the menu.

3. Arrange the Wedding Venue to Have Shades!

Outdoor shoots are awesome. You get to take pictures with the best light. However, after pictures, you like to rest in shades. That’s what Pakistani summer events are all about. This is because the heat tends to get really harsh.

So, for your wedding, it is better to have shaded areas arranged. This way, even if the heat gets bad, the guests have some shaded area to relax at.

Whoever is planning your wedding must be asked to ensure that there are shaded areas at the venue. 

4. Choose Airy Fabrics for Yourself and Your Family!

Summers are harsh on the skin. And if you don’t select the fabrics for your clothes accordingly, they can be harsher. For this reason, on your wedding, don’t go against the weather in any way.

Instead, try to be ‘picky’ about the fabric that you wear. Suggest your siblings, parents, cousins, and friends to go for airy fabric. You can always consult fashion consultants like Maria Basit Malik. MBM has the best Pakistani luxury pret outfits for summers and winters. Every collection keeps the season in mind and thus, makes sure that comfortable fabrics are chosen. 

5. Summer Hairstyles Can Save You A Lot of Sweat and Hassle!

It is a pretty attractive idea to have your hair curled or straightened in a flowy look. However, such hair-dos are not summer-friendly. This is why you need to go for hairstyles that are.

Having your hair tied up in a beautiful bun or a similar style can help you ace a formal look. In case you don’t have a lot of knowledge on summer hairstyles, you can always ask your hairdresser. 

Tip: Tying up your hair in a stylish hairdo is a wise option for summer weddings. That’s because the humidity and the sun can make your hair go all frizzy. So, to protect your hair from any further damage, act wise!

6. In the Menu, Have Some Summer-Friendly Desserts Added!

That’s right! You can ask your caterer to ensure that your guests can escape the heat with some chilled desserts. These desserts can include popsicles, ice-cream, and Pakistan’s favorite Ras Malai. 

It is important that the menu has such desserts so your guests can have a great time. Otherwise, they might end up complaining, which you surely don’t want.

7. Keep the Overall Menu Fresh and Light!

Summer weddings and heavy five-course meals do not go hand-in-hand. That’s why you need to make your menu refreshing.

You can have salads added to the appetizers. And grilled chicken or fish in the main menu. This will not only keep your guests from filling up too easily but also keep them refreshed.

Besides, you can have your menu incorporate vegetables but less oil. Since Pakistani dishes are greasy, try to go for Western dishes. This can involve baked pasta, steaks, and spaghetti with hot dogs. In such food items, you won’t have to worry about the grease too much. 

8. Make Sure That You Follow a Strict Timeline!

The point of following a timeline is to ensure that your guests don’t have to wait in the heat. They can meet and chat with you during the reception, with ample time on their hands.

Similarly, if there are dances that are to happen, then make sure they do at the given time.

Following these tips will help you ace the summer wedding of your dreams. 

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