Significance of Different Arrangements of Flower Bouquets

Flowers are an excellent medium for communicating our emotions and feelings to people that matter the most. Millions and millions of flowers are used as a form of expressing some of the most intense emotions like love, affection, passion, and care. Flowers have a positive and optimistic feel that helps us go through our day with a slightly wider smile than usual. Flowers truly are a gift to humanity as they have so much to offer with their unique fragrances and vibrant colours.

As every flower has, it’s own meaning as per their colours and the arrangement that they are true. Flowers can be gifted in the form of wedding flowers, birthday flowers, get well soon flowers and so on. Depending on the flower arrangements’ variations, a bouquet needs to be customised and arranged specifically for a specific occasion. There are a lot of criteria on which a bouquet is customised. We have compiled a set of aspects below that need to be taken care of when you opt for a bouquet as a gift.

Number of Flowers:

The number of flowers added to a bouquet has a deeper meaning than just its look. Especially when it comes to anniversaries, the number of roses or flowers in a bouquet depends on the years together. For instance, the number of roses in a fresh bouquet represents the different stages of a relationship. Let’s see some of the best arrangements as below:

A single rose represents love at first sight. It is usually when you get an immediate crush on someone.

A set of three roses denote a proposal, its when you want to let someone know that you love them beyond words. It can also be used at the three month anniversary of marriage or relationship.

A set of six roses conveys the feelings “I want to be yours”. If you are in love and want to take your relationship to the next level, giving them six roses is an excellent way to express those feelings tactfully.

A nine Roses bouquet defines the feelings of staying together eternally. It inculcates the feelings of togetherness that lasts forever.

A dozen roses in a bouquet extend the expressions of them being yours. It is a way to ask your crush to be yours forever.

A set of Twenty Roses is an excellent way of expressing your sincerity towards your partner.

and so on…

Type of Flowers:

The flowers that you put in a bouquet have an essence of their own. Different flowers have different meanings to them, each being extra special in their way. Flowers help us express some of the most intense emotions of all, such as gratitude and love. Let’s list down a few gifts and the meanings behind them.

Roses: Roses are usually associated with love and romance. While we cannot generalise roses’ meaning as different roses, have different meanings associated with them. Still, overall they all circle the same concept of passionate and romantic love.

Carnations: Carnations are popular with variants of colours that they come in, and each of these colours has a different meaning. Often, carnations are a symbol of the fascination and love towards your partner. They are beautiful and attractive flowers that help us express various emotions.

Orchids: Orchids perfectly define luxury and elegance. They are trendy decoration flowers and are famously used in weddings decorations. Like Roses and Carnations, orchids come in various colours, and each colour has an essence and meaning of its own.

Peonies: The peony has a unique historical significance, and is therefore associated with many different meanings and symbols. Peonies represent the most popular definitions of love, prosperity, fortune, happy marriage, wealth, fame, and compassion.

Lilies: Lilies are a beautiful creation of nature that comes in White, Pink, red, orange and yellow colours. Lilies represent purity, innocence and devotion. Lilies are linked to Zeus and Heera’s Greek mythology because they are even associated with motherhood and rebirth. Apart from Greek Mythology, lilies also have an origin in Chinese, Assyrians and Christianity.
The true essence and meaning of a gift lie in the emotions you have for the other person. If you want your cherished ones to stay by you forever and ever, you need to let them know how much you love and care for them.  Even the smallest care expressions go a long way in making the bond between two people strong and impactful. Sharing Birthday online flowers and anniversary flowers are a great way to recollect beautiful memories. Different occasions call for unique gestures, but undeniably a bouquet fits them all amazingly.

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