Keeping Renderings a Form of Art

In this age of computing, it seems that the art of creating architectural illustrations by hand is becoming increasingly rare. Certainly, computer technology has enabled us to “fly” around and across the buildings we designed, through animation software. It also made it relatively easy to make changes to a specific design.

But when it comes to simply needing a picture of what the proposed building will look like, nothing compares to the versatility, control, or character of the hand-drawn illustration. There is something to be said for the value of making your project look like nothing your audience has ever seen before, unlike another slick computer that made the image akin to the special effects of a fantasy movie.

I must admit that I became an architectural draftsman before computers started making their way into every aspect of our industry. In my humble opinion, I think we automatically assume that computers will make any task easier, faster, and better. But architectural illustrations developed mainly outside the field of art. I still think there is a strong technical component to this process, and it would be a shame if it was completely lost.

Drawing a building by hand allows me to understand the project much better than I would if I had to put a computer between me and the final output. I often became more familiar with the building from the architects, and sometimes they were asked to make more design decisions or even correct mistakes in their plans that they hadn’t seen before visit

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