Is Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth Real?

Marriage plays a very important role in anyone’s life as everyone needs to have a companion for life and wishes to have a family. To have an amazing married life, it is necessary to marry a compatible partner. Even if there is understanding and love, connection of your natal chart with your partner’s natal chart makes a huge difference in your married life. Vedic astrology has emphasized the importance of marriage predictions by date of birth and marriage astrology to check the compatibility of the considered partner. Having marriage prediction by date of birth can determine the time of the marriage, future of the marriage, children and family after marriage, the personality of your partner, and whether it is going to be a love marriage or arrange marriage.

Your date of birth creates a potential birth chart which can clearly define so many things about your marriage. Seventh house in your zodiac which is ruled by Venus is a vital indicator of marital aspects of an individual. When it comes to marriage, Mangal, Shani, Ketu and Rahu are not favourable planets for marriage while Shukra, Budh and Guru are very beneficial for a good marriage. Connection of fifth house and the seventh house determines the kind of marriage you may have.  Check the potency of your 5th house and its governing lord before analyzing the planetary alignments for Love marriage. Your astrology for marriage by date of birth can help you determine whether the 5th house and its Lord are robust enough to increase your chances of a love marriage. Apart from examining the Venus-Mars confluence and the link between the 5th and 7th houses, the 9th house and its Lord might also be important.

You must be inquisitive about your marriage and you might be seeking answers of so many things related to your marriage. Astro friends Chirag and Nastur Daruwalla who are considered famous astrologer can help you find the right partner and also solve love marriage problems by bringing you the best astrological solutions and most factual details. What is causing a delay in fixing your marriage? Will you be able to marry the person you love? Does your horoscope match your partner’s horoscope? What can hinder your marriage? We can answer all these questions for you and give you detailed analysis of marriage prediction by date of birth. Being on the best and famous astrologers in New York, Bejan Daruwalla’s Team have been changing marital lives of people into better and you can surely trust them with the same.

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