How to wear down jackets to look thin

For fashionistas, down jackets are not only used to keep warm clothes, but also to reflect the fashion trend of wearing. The choice of interior and the type of accessories are one of the factors that need to be considered. The presentation of a sense of luxury has never been A single dress is the reaction produced by wearing the whole body, and every small detail design of the dress may affect the styling effect. If the dress is not in place, it will create a cheesy and old-fashioned impression.

Due to the limited version of down jackets, even if there are many thin waist styles, it is still difficult to classify them as fashion items. In order to create the slimming effect of down jackets, many matching methods have appeared. Some are matched according to the body shape and height. It can be said that the personality is different, and the key points are different.

Tip 1: The narrower the sleeve, the thinner

The position of the sleeve cage is at the joint between the sleeve and the shoulder. The design of the down jacket is different, and the type of the sleeve cage is also different. The sleeve cage is narrowed and perpendicular to the shoulder, which can maximize the convergence of the arm fat and create the right-angled shoulders and sleeves that girls dream of. The treatment of the cage lines can also enhance the temperament and vitality. Some down jackets are too loose for the sleeve cage design, which does not help the arm line modification. Save online today’s verified Very discount code, promo codes, coupon codes, and clearance sales at Brand Discount.

Technique 2: The more slim the shoulders, the thinner the shoulders

The shoulder design of the down jacket is also very important. The shoulders are too fluffy and the skeleton is very large. This is a disadvantage for tall girls. It is better to choose a down jacket with gentle shoulders for self-cultivation. The two down jackets in the picture above belong to the same style, but because of the different shoulder design, they bring different bloatedness.

Technique 3: The lines are dense and thin and stylish

Striped down jacket is one of the common styles. The classic pattern is not only beautiful and generous, but also has the effect of reinforcing the warmth of the down, which has become the choice of many girls. More dense stripes can also play a role in slimming.

Tip 4: slimming filter-low saturation color

In our color cognition, we know that white is fat and black is thin. In fact, it uses the principle of “the lower the color saturation, the thinner the color.” If you feel fat, you might as well use less saturated colors. If you are worried about the monotony of the overall shape, you can use various dark colors for stacking and matching to enrich the visual hierarchy while being more fashionable. Get your best Amazon NHS discount code, voucher codes, and promo codes from NHS Discount Code

Tip 5: To be thin, you must “loose on the outside and tighten on the inside”

The large down jacket is comfortable and warm. It is matched with a tight sweater, T-shirt or shirt. The inner and outer layers are clearly in line with the principle of “outer looseness and inner tightness”. If the inner layer is loose and enlarged, the jacket will become more bloated and become thinner and thinner. In the case of tight fit, down jackets are appropriately loose and can be fashionable and stylish.

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