7 human resource myths that an HR software has overthrown

Myth can never be stated as a fact. There are few such human resource myths that have embarked its presence in such a way that an organization considering to opt for an HR software has felt the dilemma of sticking to the ancient ways or opting for the modern technologies. 

Let’s discuss seven such myths that an HR Software has overthrown:

HR software is for huge organizations

Human resource team functions are equally important for small, medium and large scale organization. The fact that differentiates the functions are the number of employees. HR software has explained the core HR modules that have cleared the air about the functions an HR performs. With an automated approach the HR software has highlighted the nitty gritties of an employee’s life cycle which is solely managed by the HR software, which ranges from recruitment to the last day of the employee in a specific organization.

Data is not secured on a centralized platform

Data has been and will always be a valuable asset for any organization. It is considered as a myth that a centralized HR software can be easily accessed and is not protected with strong walls to secure the data. Although it can’t be denied that there is a risk of data breach if the organization does not have a health IT infrastructure. Having said that an HR software ensures a secure platform to store data which can customarily be accessed with an approval by the IT team. This diminishes the risk of data theft with the credentials provided to an employee. 

HR software is expensive 

Technologically advanced solutions are considered to be an expensive purchase. HR software has created an impression of an expensive solution as an automated way to regularise the day to day task decreasing the workload of the human resource management team. An HR software can be considered as a one time investment solution as opting for an HR software includes implementation cost and buying cost. Surveys have proven that the organization equipped with an HR software has witnessed an inclined curve in productivity in comparison which indicates increased profit margins.

HR software will replace workforce 

A major myth that needs to be overthrown is that HR software will decrease the human workforce. HR software aims to decrease the workload of the human resources but HR software cannot operate without human force. Instead it is a winsome collaboration with wondrous results for the organization.  

Only expert can manage HR software

A renowned myth is that an HR software can be operated only by an expert. An HR software has a very easy module which is customized by the vendors before implementation of the application. These software are designed in a way for the HRs to operate without possessing any technical gradation. A simplified dashboard for the HR to proceed with various functions such as attendance management, payroll, workforce management, etc . These applications are equipped with a friendly interface for the employees and the HRs which can be monitored by the IT team. 

HR software will create a communication gap

Interaction on technological applications imparts an impression on decreased human interaction. It is fact that an HR software enhances the human interaction by forming an easily approachable platform to communicate even during the pandemic. These technological advancements have made it possible for the employees to communicate on a secured platform and interact with them on an isolated platform. 

HR software is for specific functions 

It has been considered as a fact that human resource management does not comprehend the major functions of the organization. Instead HRM has a layered way to function for the organization and a minute hurdle may jeopardize the functioning of the whole organization. HR software has highlighted underlying efforts that an HR invests to ensure a smooth functioning of the organization.

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