Know How to Clean an Air Conditioner in Four Simple Steps

Do we really need to tell you that dust particles are not a great conductor of heat? Yes, it’s true, which is the main reason why dust particles are considered to be a major threat to air-conditioning systems. This is because an air conditioner controls the indoor temperature by performing the heat-transfer process. Apart from interrupting heat-transfer, excessive dirt in the ductwork of an air conditioner can also be responsible for obstructing the airflow. Air conditioners often start misbehaving in these situations, which is why a timely Air duct cleaning Fort Lauderdale session is crucial to keep your AC in a sound condition.

So, you now know why Air duct cleaning Fort Lauderdale sessions are crucial for your air conditioner. But the ductwork is not the only AC part which should be cleaned at regular intervals. There are simply four parts of an air conditioner, which should be kept dust-free as much as possible. So basically, cleaning an air conditioner simply involves cleaning the four main parts in four steps.

The Ductwork

Air ducts are there in an air-conditioning system to help the conditioned-air travel from one end to another. However, it is possible only if the ductwork is being cleaned at frequent intervals, but since this task requires special expertise and equipment, you should let the professionals of Air duct cleaning Fort Lauderdale do this for you.


Helping the refrigerant to absorb and release the heat are the basic functions of evaporator and condenser coils respectively. But with a thick dust layer over any of these coils, it gets difficult for the AC to perform heat-transfers. So, both of the evaporator and condenser coils should be kept clean as much as possible.


It can also be the reason behind the poor functioning of an air conditioner if air filters are clogged with dust particles. Even a normal user can clean the AC filter by himself using a soft brush and a hosepipe. For the most optimum results, you must clean the air filters once every 15-20 days.

Condensate Drainage Line

The basic function of the condensate drainage line is to drain out the condensed water from the indoor unit. A large amount of dirt in the drain line might lead to water leaking issue. So, all of these parts must be cleaned in order to get an uninterrupted air-conditioning experience.